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The Opera Nazionale Montessori (ONM) was set up as a moral organisation and legal entity by royal decree no. 1534 on 8 August 1924. Based in Rome, it is the heir and repository of a specific scientific educational and pedagogic tradition and is also a national organisation for research, experimentation, training, assistance, consultancy, promotion and dissemination for Montessorian scientific and methodological principles and ideals.
In line with the original intentions of its founder, Maria Montessori, it has the task of preserving and disseminating her thought and work, of developing the historical and scientific patrimony, and of guaranteeing the ideals and practice of her method.
The ONM pursues its aims by addressing them to achieving the complete formation of human beings according to principles of individual autonomy, freedom and responsibility that are the necessary conditions for the actualisation and expression of human potential and for the concrete affirmation of children’s rights.
To this end, the ONM is active in the pedagogical and school education sphere by promoting initiatives, both at national and international level, for study and exchange with institutional bodies and with representatives of the various scientific and cultural positions. In particular, it has ongoing relations with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Social Policies, as well as with universities, research and training centres, professional associations and the media.
To achieve its aims, the ONM:
• promotes studies, research and dissemination at national and international level;
• promotes, organises and coordinates information and training activities at a local, national and international level, such as conferences, specialisation courses, seminars, forums, internships, awards and competitions;
• develops its own communication instruments through its publishing facilities: the monthly review “Vita dell’infanzia”, since 1952, as well as texts of a historical, scientific and informative nature;
• provides for the computerised processing of all its wealth of books and documentation available in the library;
• promotes and carries out training and specialisation programmes for educators and teachers;
• sets up and/or directly runs Montessori schools and communities for children and also contributes to creating other school institutions through agreement-based consultancy and guidance activity.
Institutions managed by the ONM

Here is a list of the current educational institutions run by the ONM.
Note that:
- Nursery schools are for children aged from 3 months to 3 years;
- Crèches are for children aged from 3 months to 4 years;
- A Children's House is the Montessori term for a school welcoming children from 2 and a half to 6 years of age.

Since 1971 - a “Children's House” with an attached nursery for Bank of Italy employees' children. Approximately 145 children attend the school and are assisted by a team of 38 people including both educators and staff. (Rome, Largo Bastia 1)
Since 1972 - a nursery school “Children's House” and Montessori primary school recognised by the Ministry of Education. About 216 children attend the school and are assisted by a team of 29 people including both educators and staff (Castellanza - VA, Via Cantoni 6)
Since 2000 - a crèche for European Investment Bank employees' children.
The school is attended by approximately 84 children who belong to three different language groups and are assisted by a team of 30 people including educators and staff. (Luxemburg, 2 rue Marguerite de Busbach)
Since 2000 - a city council nursery school attended by about 23 children assisted by a team of 5 people including both educators and staff (Rome, Via Nomentana 54)
Since 2002 - a nursery school for Bank of Italy employees' children, attended by about 100 children assisted by 38 people including both educators and staff (Rome, Largo Volumnia 2)
Since 2005 - a nursery school for children of employees of the Ministry of Production Activities. About 13 children attend the school and are assisted by a team of 3 people including educators and staff (Rome, Via Molise 2)