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Publications in English
Anna Maria Ferrati (ed)
Montessori nursery school and house
of children Chiaravalle. A help for life

A joint edition by the Comune di Chiaravalle
and Opera Nazionale Montessori.
Available with English and French translations
77 pages - Euro 15,00

Laura Franceschini (ed)
A journey around
a Montessori nursery school

Available with English,
French and German translations  
62 pages - Euro 10,33

Carla Cevenini (ed)
A journey around a Children’s house
Preface by Antonio Fazio
(Governor of the Bank of Italy)
Available with English translation
60 pages - Euro 10,33

The three illustrated books provide a detailed explanation of the Montessori pedagogy for children aged 0-6 years through the presentation of the educational guiding principles and the explanation of the didactic organisation.

Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro
The child is father of the man
With particular use of colour photographs,
the book aims to give all interested parties,
information on the prenatal period,
birth and early years of a child’s life.
Text in Italian, English, Spanish and Japanese
110 pages - Euro 15,00

Mauro Laeng
Proposed Manifesto for a neo-Montessori
structuralist pedagogy

The Manifesto aims to show how the driving force of Montessori
pedagogy is the search for structures of order of reality.
Text in Italian and English
57 pages - Euro 10,33

Montessori. International bibliography 1896-2000
Edited by Clara Tornar
with attached CD-ROM
Over 14,000 records documenting the impact
that Maria Montessori has had all over the world.
The bibliographic items refer to 56 countries.
Text in Italian and English
1.630 pages - Euro 92,96

Man according to Maria Montessori
From love-teaching child to peace-loving adult

Proceedings of the International Congress
Roma 16/17 May - Chiaravalle 18/19 May 2002
The view of Man and his education is the guiding thread of
the many interventions of the congress days celebrating
the 50th anniversary of Maria Montessori’s death,
also including the third edition of the Montessori
International “Education and Peace” Award.
Text in English
92 pages - Euro 12,00

Isenarda De Napoli
Music and the Montessori method
The first attempt to draft the original
music curriculum supported and guided
by practices of the Montessori method.
Text in English
53 pages - Euro 10,00 Translation by Nico De Napoli 

Opera Nazionale Montessori (ed)
The Montessori Nursery Charter
The principles of Montessori education from birth: a tool for educators and directors.
2006, 52 pages - Euro 10,00

Salvatore Valitutti, Manuela Iannello,
Giuseppe Di Millo e Maria Angela Grassi
Roma 1907
La prima “Casa dei Bambini” di Maria Montessori
The first Children's House of Maria Montessori
The book describes the characteristics of the pedagogical revolution that took its first steps in Via dei Marsi 58, the architectural and construction history of the first “Children’s house”, the project for redesigning the garden of the “House” by the School Greenery  Office of the Municipality of Rome.
2006, 72 pages - Euro 15,00

Augusto Scocchera
The fairy tale of life
A tale to help adults to understand the child’s peculiarities and potentials.
2006, 38 pages - Euro 10,00 Translation by Nico De Napoli 

Libretto by Paolo Peretti
Music by Roberto Molinelli
Libretto of the cantata for soprano, reciting voice, children’s choir, viola and orchestra.
The publication includes also the music
of “Inno dei bambini piccolissimi”.
2007, 28 pages - Euro 10,00

The Proceedings of the
Montessori Centenary Conference
The Proceedings of the Montessori Centenary Conference include the texts of the speakers'presentations.
2007, pp. 136 – Euro 15,00


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