Ingrid Stange

Ingrid is the founder and chair of Partnership for Change (PfC), focusing on empowering women and youth, through education, job creation, business development, and not least developing enabling infrastructure for women. She is the president of Montessori Norway, was co-founder of the first Montessori School in Norway, and is the thought leader within the global Montessori-2030 movement, inspiring Montessori schools to fully integrate the SDGs into the pedagogy and operations of the schools. This work has influenced schools all over the world from Australia to China.
Ingrid is Vice President of the Norwegian Polytechnical Society and serves on the board of several organizations promoting social change, developing sustainable business, and meeting climate challenges. Among these are Search for Common Ground (, focusing on ending violent conflict in numerous countries around the world and Norwegian Climate Foundation ( With a MSc from the Norwegian School of Economics (Siviløkonom NHH), and an MBA from UC Berkeley, a background from strategic management consulting and Venture Capital, she has focused entirely on social business and venture philanthropy for the past 30 years, establishing and supporting a number of philanthropic initiatives and social enterprises in Norway and internationally.

October 24, 2021
Cosmic Education and Sustainability Education (Agenda 2030 EU)